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At Midstate Auto Group, we're here to provide drivers from all over Auburn, MA and the surrounding Worcester and Charlton areas with the fast, professional auto service they need. Whether you're new to owning a vehicle or you've been driving for years, when it comes to knowing when your vehicle needs to be serviced or repaired, it all comes down to knowing your vehicle and knowing what signs to look for. We want to make it easier for anyone living in and around Southbridge and Webster to get the auto service their vehicles require, which is why we're happy to answer some frequently asked questions about auto service and what you need to look out for, making it easier than ever for you to know the signs and get your vehicle the service and expertise that it deserves! From oil changes and tire rotations to brake repairs and other mechanical services, we're here to take care of all of your auto service needs in Auburn, MA and get you back on the road in no time!


Frequently Asked Service Questions

  • Why Do I Need to Change My Oil Regularly?: Oil changes are perhaps one of the easiest and least expensive ways to keep your engine performing at the highest level long into the future. Motor oil is often referred to as the lifeblood of your vehicle because it not only helps protect your engine from dirt, debris and other pollutants from finding their way into the many moving engine components, it also works to cool and lubricate those components to keep your engine performing properly. When you wait too long to have your oil changed, it can get too dirty and clog up the oil filter, which will in turn affect your engine and end up damaging it and other components.
  • When Should I Have My Oil Changed?: You should consult your owner's manual for specific mileage intervals in between oil changes, but as a general rule of thumb, you should think about changing your oil after 5,000 miles or twice a year to ensure your engine is properly protected and lubricated.
  • Why Are Tire Rotations Important?: Whether you drive a front-wheel drive, all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive vehicle, the front tires are going to tend to get worn down before the rear tires because the front tires are the ones that steer the vehicle and the front end often carries more weight. When your tires get worn down, it can affect the fuel economy, stopping and acceleration of your vehicle, not to mention rendering your tires unusable if you wait too long and let the front tires wear down completely. Rather than buy a whole set of new tires, we suggest having your front tires rotated out with the rear tires to promote equal tire wear and extend the lifespan of your tires.
  • When Should I Rotate My Tires?: You can tell when your tires need to be rotated simply by looking at the wear on your front tires. If they appear more worn down than the rear tires, it's a good idea to have them rotated, or you can go off of a general suggestion of anywhere between 6,000 and 8,000 miles traveled, but it also depends on what kind of driving you do and where.
  • How Do I Know My Brakes Need Servicing?: There are a few ways you can tell if your brakes need servicing. The first is if they make any sounds when engaged. It's common to hear a squeaking or squealing sound if your brake pads or rotors need to be replaced, while a grinding sound can suggest that other brake systems need replacing as well. Another way to diagnose the need for a brake repair is if they aren't as responsive as they once were and it either takes more pressure on the pedal to get your vehicle to stop, or it takes your vehicle longer to stop, which can be a sign that your brake fluid needs replacing or brake lines need to be drained.

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