Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still get an auto loan if I have poor credit?

Yes! In fact, our team is specially trained to help drivers who may be struggling with their credit score. Just because you've hit some financial trouble doesn't mean you should be blocked from getting a car.

What if I have no credit at all?

This is a more common situation then you may think, as many of our drivers are young and just out of college; the majority of them have not had time to build their credit. Our team will happily work with you so you find a great car for a great price.

How will my credit affect my monthly payments?

Your monthly payment is affected by a lot of different factors, including your credit score, your down payment, the size of your loan, the length of your loan, and so on. So, while your credit score may be a factor in how expensive your monthly payments, it is not the deciding factor. And, again, our team will work with you.

Will it help if I have a cosigner?

Cosigners can definitely help you qualify for a loan if you have no credit or poor credit.

How does credit typically affect interest rates?

Interest rates are complicated; however, generally a better credit score will reward you with a lower interest rate, while a poorer credit score will come with a higher rate. However, our financing team will work with you.

How do I lower my monthly payments?

The best way to lower your payments is to increase the amount of money you put down on the car or to trade-in a vehicle.

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