Winter in Worcester can be a rough time, but our service center is ready to help you whip your car into shape to battle some of the harshest weather and road conditions you're likely to encounter all year. Our service team knows what New England winters can do, and we know the effects that plummeting temperatures, slippery roads, and foul weather can have on your car and your daily drive, so we're well-equipped to help you power through to spring.

Here are a few of the winter services that we recommend to Worcester drivers looking to prepare for winter:

Battery Check

If your battery was weak during the warmer months, the winter cold is likely to sap what strength it had left. We can check your battery for you and replace it if necessary to help you avoid a breakdown.

Winter Tires

Did you know that winter tires are made of a special rubber compound that is more flexible in cold weather, or that they have special tread patterns designed to slash through snow and sleet? These features make winter tires uniquely capable in winter and better at helping you maintain traction than other types of tires.

Windshield Wipers

It's easy to forget about things like wiper blades until you need them and realize they don't work. We can help you find a new set (there are even wiper blades made specifically for winter) and top off your washer fluid so that you're prepared.

Heating System

You're in for a rough winter if your heating system is in bad shape. If you've noticed that your heating system isn't working as well as it should, our team can take a look and get your car back in shape to keep you warm on your commute.

Schedule service today to prepare your car for winter at Midstate Auto Group!

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