Unlike many used car dealerships, we're proud to have a used car service center for you to bring your vehicle back to for routine maintenance. Whether you have a used Ford, Nissan, or Toyota, to name a few, we'll help you keep your vehicle in tip-top shape.

Now that we've officially entered into spring, it's time to start getting your vehicle ready for the warmer months. Below are three spring services we can perform, along with a bonus task that you can do on your own time!

Tire changes: now that the major snow storms have likely passed, you can get your winter tires off and put your all-seasons back on. Since winter tires are expensive, you'll want to maintain that tread for as long as possible, and if you have studded tires we're sure you don't want to hear the metal hitting the pavement.

New windshield wipers: those April showers that bring May flowers are right around the corner. Since your wipers worked hard this winter, make sure you get a new set so you can see through the upcoming rainstorms and travel the streets with confidence.

Rack removals/swaps: if you regularly head up to Maine, Vermont, or New Hampshire for skiing or riding, now's the time to get that rack off. You'll get better fuel ratings and highway driving won't be so loud. If you do other spring/summer activities like road bike or kayak, we can put those racks on for you now or wait a few weeks.

What you can do (a car wash): winter is hard on vehicles. There's the visible grime on the exterior, as well as lingering salt on the undercarriage. Even if you prefer to hand wash the outside of your car, make sure you bring it through a car wash at least once to remove the salt from the underside! This will help keep any rust at bay.

These are just a few of the services you and we can do to get your vehicle ready for spring. For more tips, contact our dealership this week or go ahead and schedule an appointment online.

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