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There's a range of used car care tips that Auburn and Charlton drivers can practice to boost the health of the car. From checking your tire pressure on a regular basis during winter months, to just checking on your tire pressure and tread status. Plus, the oft forgotten but ever-important battery should be closely monitored to ensure corrosion doesn't set in. Beyond this, every three months drivers should check on their automatic transmission fluid, battery and cables status, belts status, engine air filter quality level, and power steering fluid levels. Every twelve months Southbridge, MA drivers should check on their brakes, cabin air filter, coolant (antifreeze), and wheel alignment. Now, we understand if you're a Worcester or Webster, MA driver that has no idea how check on any of the above-mentioned maintenance features. For those drivers that want to ensure that their vehicle stays in optimal running condition, stop by MidState Auto Group and have our service team check on all your maintenance needs for you!

Service, Parts, Finance, & Beyond - The MidState Auto Group Team!

Visit our service team for all your basic maintenance needs and for your larger repair and service needs. We serve drivers from right in Auburn to Webster, MA and beyond! Stop by and ask our parts team any burning questions you might have. Or, if you're wondering about purchasing a vehicle from our dealership, speak with our finance team! One of our finance experts will sit down with you to figure out a finance package or auto loan that suits your unique needs. We want to help Southbridge, MA driver with all their automotive needs! Stop by or call our dealership today!

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