As winter approaches, it’s important to keep your vehicle prepped for cold-weather incidents. As many of our Auburn, MA and Charlton drivers know, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Because of this, we’ve developed a short list of things you can do to prep your vehicle for winter.

Keep Your Vehicle Running Safely on the Roads of Southbridge and Worcester

  1. Get a Winter Supply Box
    Put together a box of winter supplies for your vehicle. Road flares, a flashlight, blankets, and more can all help in case of emergency
  2. Check Your Fluids
    Fluids like antifreeze help keep your engine running during the cold weather. Before to check your fluids levels.
  3. Check Your Tires
    Make sure you pay attention to your tires. Whether replacing your summer tires with winter tires or if you use all-weather tires, make sure your tire pressure is monitored.
  4. Switch to Winter-Grade Oil
    As the weather cools, you want your oil to be thinner. Bring your vehicle to our service center and we can change your oil for you

Winter can be a fun time of the year for our Webster drivers. But there’s nothing fun about a break-down in the cold. Help prevent the worst by prepping your vehicle for winter.

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