How to Buy a Car with Bad Credit

Buying a car is a tough challenge for many Americans with bad credit, but at MidState Auto Group we believe that car ownership should be available to everyone willing to pay for it. We help our customers with low credit find a deal that works for them, and once we find that deal you will actually improve your credit by making your monthly payments.

Don’t give up hope if you have bad credit, just read some of these helpful tips to find a vehicle that works for you.

Know What Your Credit Score Means

Your Credit Score is a value that attempts to quantify how likely you are to pay back a loan. The scores usually range from 500 and below to 720 and above with any scores outside meaning exceptionally poor or exceptionally good. 620 and below is generally considered a poor score, but we can work with you to find a compromise. Knowing your credit score and being realistic about your options can help you find a vehicle that works.

Talk to Us about Adjusting Our Loans

If you can’t find a way to pay for the vehicle, then talk to us about maybe expanding the length of the loan. This strategy works as a win-win, it lowers the monthly payments so you can more realistically pay for the vehicle. This is a great option for buyers who don’t have a problem with a regular income, but maybe you have made some mistakes in the past that damaged your loaning abilities.

Be Realistic

If your score is low, then you may need to adjust your expectations for a pre-owned car. Talk to us about financing one of our Bargain Inventory vehicles, we can help get you in a budget vehicle so you can build up your credit for the future. Many people use these vehicles as a stepping stone to buy something a little more flashy with their improved credit.

We are ready to work with you even if others haven’t, so don’t give up hop and stop by MidState Auto Group today.