Winter Driving Tips

The holidays are over, but drivers from Auburn, Charlton, Southbridge, Worcester, and Webster know that the winter driving season is only just beginning. That’s why the MidState Auto has compiled this brief list of winter driving tips to keep you, your passengers, and your fellow drivers safe on the road.


  • Keep your lights well maintained and free of dirt, snow and debris. Visibility is key for winter driving, particularly due to shorter daylight times and the need for more visibility in harsh weather and blowing snow drifts.
  • Maintain appropriate coolant, gas, and washer fluid levels to keep your car running the best it can. A full tank may prevent accumulated water from freezing inside your fuel pump and can help you stay warm by allowing the engine to stay running in case you get stuck.
  • Keep an eye on your tires and tire pressure as the mercury drops. Tire pressure can drop along with the air temperature, giving your vehicle decreased traction during the times you need it most.


Questions about a winter car problem? Don’t hesitate to contact the parts and service pros here at MidState Auto for an assist. And remember to take it slow this winter!

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